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2010/11 Race Results

2010 was my most successful season to date.  In 22 national races, I achieved podium positions on 15 occasions. I rate my performance at the British Indoor Championships as my greatest achievement, taking silver in the face of tough competition.  

My seed point objective was to get my BARTS points down below 100 by the end of the season. In fact, some good early results meant this was achieved in June and my season closed with BARTS points down to 66.4.   

Bring on the Winter season!                                                                                Cameron presented with Gold at Gloucester
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             National by Olympian, David Ryding. 

2010 Event  Location  Surface  Position
Scottish Championships

 Hillend, Edinburgh  P  2nd (SL), 2nd (GS)  
Lions Grand Prix

 Castleford  AS  3rd  
British Indoor Champs  Castleford  AS  2nd  
Lions Grand Prix

 Manchester  AS  3rd & 3rd  
Southampton Club National  Southampton  P 1st   
SSE Grand Prix Hemel AS 4th  
Lions Grand Prix Hemel AS 3rd & 4th
Gloucester Club National Gloucester P 1st
SSE Grand Prix Manchester AS 4th
Telford Club National Manchester AS 6th
SASA Interschools Southampton P 1st

Lions Grand Prix Milton Keynes AS 4th & 4th
English Indoor Champs Manchester AS 3rd
British Indoor Champs Manchester AS 5th
Hemel Club National Hemel AS 3rd

Bromley Club National Bromley P 2nd
Hilton CSC Champs Cairngorm S 1st (GS) & 2nd (SL)
 S = Snow  AS = Artificial Snow  P = Plastic